Find the perfect fit for you.

  • • Do your straps fit right?
  • • Does your band sit in the proper place?
  • • Do your cups fit accurately?

With so many bra options to choose from, finding your perfect bra can be tricky—but having the right amount of support is important to looking + feeling great.

Our quiz guides you through bra fit, features and styles so we can recommend the best bra for you.

Bra Fit

Do you understand bra sizes? Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t – studies show that the majority of women wear the wrong bra size! Even though so many women of all ages buy and wear bras, it seems like few people discuss the importance of bra fitting. Only with the correct band and cup size will a bra offer the comfortable support you should expect from something you wear every day. Let Heor’s clear things up and answer your questions about bra sizes and proper bra fit. Even if you may already know how to measure yourself for bras, check out the bra fitting guide and our bra size calculator to discover what styles will suit your body best.

If you often feel uncomfortable in your bras, it may be because you’re wearing the wrong size. Use Heor’s easy bra size calculator to better understand how your bra fits you. Explore tips on how to care for a bra and learn about the different bra styles. Every body shape is different and everyone deserves comfort and support throughout the day. Plus, you can stock up on staples like panties, slips, Champion sports bras and Jockey shapewear while you’re here trying our bra size calculator or in-store bra fitting. Once you know your true bra size and understand precisely how a bra should fit, you’ll be prepared for a lifetime of happier bra shopping and wearing.