Grilling Guide

Gear up for grilling with these tools, tips, temperatures and tricks for the perfect tailgating party or BBQ with family and friends.

Grilling Tools & Accessories


Smoker Box

Fill this vented box with special barbecue wood chips to release loads of smoky flavor for your foods to soak up. Popular wood chip varieties include mesquite, hickory, cherry and apple.

Grill Brush

Keep your grilling grates clear of food residue and carbon buildup with a durable and easy-to-use metal-bristle grill brush.

Grill Light

Eliminate guesswork when grilling at night with a handy mountable light. Most grill lights use bright, long-lasting LED lights and are made with weather-resistant housing for durable use.


Basting Brush

Lay it on thick! A good basting brush lets you add a variety of flavorful sauces to your ribs, chicken and more.

Food Thermometer

Grilling meats can get tricky, but a good dial or digital thermometer made especially for your grill will solve most temperature conundrums.

Grill Spatula

A flat surface makes flipping a breeze. Use an extra-long grill spatula for turning burgers, large cuts of meat, chicken and more.

BBQ Tongs

Get a grip on your grilled entrée with BBQ tongs. An extra-long handle will keep your hands at a safe distance from the grill.


Meat or vegetable kabobs are a traditional grilling favorite, making metal or wooden skewers a must-have for every outdoor fete. Use them to roast marshmallows when the fire begins to wane!


Grilling Basket

Don't flip out, wire baskets make grilling easy as can be. Keep your fish, burgers and more neatly in place and evenly-cooked with the help of a good wire basket.

Grill Wok

For a new twist on traditional stir-fried dishes, try a grill wok. Its perforated design allows meats and veggies to soak up a wonderfully smoky, grilled flavor.

BBQ Rack

When there's a lot on the menu, utilize every inch of your grill with a space-saving BBQ rack. Simply stand up your slabs of ribs or chicken for efficient upright cooking.

Grilling Planks

When soaked in water, wine or fruit juice, grilling planks offer up a savory cooking surface for fish, meat, poultry and more.


A good beeroaster will help you create a deliciously moist chicken with perfectly crispy skin. For a different twist on beer can grilling, try filling your beeroaster with wine, stock or herbs.

Pizza Stones & Pans

Ditch the oven and try your hand at grilled pizza. A perfectly crisp crust and delicious, evenly-cooked toppings are within reach when you choose the right pizza stone or pan for grilling.

Sizzle Pan

Impress dinner guests when you serve up steaming, restaurant-quality fajitas and more on a grill-to-table sizzle platter.

Grill Topper

Nothing will slip through the cracks when you cover your grates with a grill topper. Small holes ensure even cooking of tiny favorites like veggies, seafood and more.